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Lesotho Landscape  - Patchwork of Firey Earth

Lesotho Landscape – Patchwork of Firey Earth

Welcome to my website Gallery.

Towards the end of 2006 I was privileged to be able to visit Lesotho in Southern Africa.  It is a very mountainous country and the landscape is normally very dry.  But prior to our visit there had been a lot of rain with the result that the grass especially was looking very green.  And that combined with the rich red soil in the few agricultural areas had a profound affect on me.  But, while I was captivated by the colours in the landscape I also decided that capturing the strength and vibrancy of the colours would be difficult in watercolour.  This led to a return to using oil paint, and a whole new approach to painting.

The Gallery has a selection of pictures painted over the last few years including the pictures I produced during a 3 month sabbatical in 2007.  In addition there is a Ceramics section, a Watercolours and Drawings Gallery with some of my earlier work together with preliminary studies for some of the larger pictures in oils a Graphics and Illustrations Gallery and a selection of some of my favourite photographs in Photographs.

If you want to learn more about me and what my work means to me have a look in: About Me and/or About My PicturesThere is also a section which tells the story of the sabbatical and the profound affect this time had on my life and my approach to painting – see Sabbatical Notes.

The paintings in the Gallery where there is an indication of the size are for sale and if you are interested in buying one please get in touch.  Prices range from between £200 to £600.  I can be contacted by e mailing: pwjudson@gmail.com