About Me

0726 Paul drawing his rocks and treeOn leaving school I studied art at Stourbridge College of Art followed by a Graphic Design course at, what was then, Leicester College of Art, where I specialised in illustration.  I followed this with a post-graduate teaching course and went on to teach art & design for 15 years in Leicestershire schools before moving to Durham in 1987 to train for the ordained ministry.  I was ordained in 1989 and, between 1996 and 2011, worked for Durham Diocese in various aspects of Communications.  I have always had an interest in the relationship beween art and spirituality and, in 2007, was given a 3 month sabbatical which gave me time to explore some of my ideas (see Sabbatical notes).  The majority of my work is based on various aspects of landscape and I use the shapes and forms in nature as a vehicle for exploring colour and tonal ranges.  I am also a keen photographer and often develop ideas from photographs, sometimes manipulating the images on the computer.

I have described my approach to some of my pictures in About my Pictures and Latest Work.  The Gallery also has a selection of my graphic work and illustrations for various publications – see Graphics & Illustrations.